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  • Ensete superbum
    Cliff Banana

    A very hardy banana that grows well in barren rocky areas in addition to tropical conditions. Grown for the very large, bright green leaves that are accented with red veins and the red flower head. Little seeded fruits grows to about 3 inches long.

    This tropical beauty is a vigorous, fast growing plant perfect for the deck as well as greenhouse. A display of flowers bloom on a long, thick hanging pendulum. Although it looks like a true banana it is not. A herbaceous perennial with bright olive-green leaves with a beautiful maroon underside. Growing height will depend on culture, with potted plants remaining much smaller. Can be grown outdoors as a returning perennial from zones 9 and higher. A truly unique ornamental.

    This is a tropical plant, well worth the effort of growing, and does very well in containers. Cannot tolerate frost and must be brought or kept indoors or in a protected area. Will be able to remain in a container for up to 5 years, or more, before transplanting. Needs good drainage.
    Fun Facts:

    1. This banana variety does not produce suckers
    2. Seed is the only propagation method
    3. Plants remain relatively small growing up to 12 feet
    4. During dry periods the upper part of the plant can die back – resuming growth when moisture returns

    Tropical Seeds - Cliff Banana - Ensete superbum- 10 Seeds

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