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  • Entada phaseoloides
    St. Thomas Bean

    Climbing high in the lowland coastal forest canopies of Africa, Australia and Asia is a large evergreen vine that reaches heights of 32 feet and produces giant pods that can grow as long as 6.5 feet. Ocean waves and river currents separate the seeds and allow them to travel different paths to reach many destinations. Cream colored flowers bloom upwards, surrounded by lush green foliage. Entada phaseoloides is a fast growing perennial that's drought tolerant and perfect for wild crafting. Seeds are often polished to make small boxes or jewelry items.

    This plant makes a most interesting deck plant and grows well as a container plant for the home or greenhouse, in addition to being a specimen plant. Treat as a tropical that cannot tolerate frost.

    Adaptable to most soil conditions, drought tolerant once established and will also tolerate heat, wind and air pollution. A fast grower that will brighten any type of garden or landscape!

    Fun Facts:

    1. The seeds are used to create jewelry
    2. Stems are dried and pounded to make hair wash
    3. In it's native countries the bark is sold at local markets
    4. Believed to be the worlds Largest legume

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    Tropical Seeds -Entada phaseoloides St. Thomas Bean 2 Rare seeds

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