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  • Elephant Ear Pod Seeds only (no pods)
     Enterolobium cyclocarpum  A beautiful addition to any landscape or tropical collection. Feathery foliage grows like a canopy producing immense heads of lovely white flowers, which in turn produce the unusual looking, brown, ear shaped fruit pods for which it is named.  The pods coil into a full circle! This plant is a member of the mimosa family.  A fast and easy tree to grow! 

    Fun Facts: 
    1. This is the National tree of Costa Rica
    2. It fixes nitrogen in the soil
    3. Livestock love the sugary pulp from the pods
    4. Makes an excellent plant for collectors of plants for the home or greenhouse environment
    5. Grown for the beautiful foliage and unique pods  
    6. Makes an excellent specimen for Bonsai Culture
    7. Another fun plant from seeds of the Rainforest

    Enterolobium cyclocarpum 5 SEEDS Elephant Ear Rare

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    $4.00Sale Price
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