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  • Erythrina indica
    Indian Coral Bean

    A medium-sized, deciduous, tropical tree that can grow to about 9-30 feet (6-9 m) as a standard tree. Young stems and branches have thick conical spines up to ¼ inch (8 mm) long. These thorns fall off after about 2-4 years leaving behind a bark that has gone from smooth and green, to coarse and cork like, a most featuresque aged look that would make a perfect bonsai work of art.

    Bright emerald-green leaves fill the tree during the growing season then fall, leaving the tree bare but, for a brief time, followed by a spectacular show of coral red blooms. Birds fill the tree like a busy aviary along with a multitude of pollinators during this bloom cycle

    Many of our customers grow them in pots and bring indoors when the weather turns rough.

    Fun Facts:
    1. Erythrina comes from the Greek word ‘eruthros’ meaning red
    2. The tree blooms in January - February


    Standard Zone 9+
    Potted Deck Plant

    Many of our customers grow them in pots and bring indoors when weather turns rough.
    Buyers should do their own research for plant uses.

    We thank you for your support of rare and naturally grown seeds!

    Erythrina indica 5 Seeds Indian Coral Bean RARE

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