Eucalyptus camaldulensis
Red River Gum

Found growing along the river banks and creeks of Australia, this iconic tree is extremely valuable to the environment, as a home to bats, carpet pythons and birds, including the Superb Parrot, an endangered species. The tree also plays an important role in establishing river banks and provides much needed shade in the hot climate of central Australia. Growing up to 148 feet tall, Red River Gum is characterized by reddish, gray-brown bark. Small, snow white tufts bloom from branches, crowded with blue green leaves. This species makes an excellent bonsai specimen, and is drought tolerant.

Fun Facts:

1. The wood is used for tables, decks, and flooring
2. One of the most widely planted eucalyptus in the world
3. Named for a private estate garden near Naples

Eucalyptus camaldulensis Red River Gum seeds