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  • Ficus altissima
    Council Tree
    False Banyan
    NOTE: Seeds are Super Tiny 

    False Banyan is a massive tree of the jungle, but grown as a container or tropical plant it can be one of the most beautiful and rare varieties grown. In its native habitat the tree starts out life as an epiphyte, or “air pant” growing on another tree, usually a lagerstromia, where a fig eating bird deposits a seed. As it grows, it produces roots that hang down from the branches. They in turn root right where they touch the ground creating a forest of their own.

    In its native habitat this tree can grow 100' tall and spread over an area of several acres. Large, forest green, leathery leaves are like those of the fig called “rubber tree” Ficus elastica, often found as a tropical plant everywhere. Can be planted as a standard in warm regions and will usuall grow to about 30 feet.

    There is really no such thing as a “houseplant,” since all plants originate from somewhere outdoors, especially the tropics, hence the term “tropical plant.”

    The banyan tree is one plant that can remain indoors all year long and grow very well as a houseplant. Repot every 2-3 years, but like the rubber plant, banyan is best kept a little on the pot-bound side. The shoot tips can be pinched back to promote branching. Keep in half shade or moderately bright light.

    If growing outdoors, in warm climates, keep in the shade. The tree is somewhat drought tolerant once established, but does thrives in well-drained soil and moderate moisture. (Let dry out between waterings – then soak down thoroughly) If leaves yellow – under watering or overwatering has taken place.

    Tropical Seeds-Council Tree- Rare Fig Tree -20 Seeds Ficus altissima

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