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  • Note: seeds are very tiny
    Elephant Ear Fig

    Known as elephant ear fig tree due to having the large leaves of any fig. Young leaves emerge intensely red turning green as the leaf grows, finally ending at about 2 feet. Makes a perfect potted tropical especially for large areas. When trimmed the plant will fill out with thicker stems and more leaves. The tree can be semi-semi-deciduous so expect a little leaf loss in the fall if exposed to a temperature drop. Large 3 inch fruits emerge in clusters from the stems.

    Ficus seeds require close attention during the germination period.

    There is really no such thing as a “houseplant,” since all plants originate from somewhere outdoors, especially the tropics, hence the term “tropical plant.”

    This fig tree is one plant that can remain indoors all year long and grow very well as a houseplant. Re-pot every 2-3 years, but like the rubber plant, keep a little on the pot-bound side. The shoot tips can be pinched back to promote branching. Keep in half shade or moderately bright light.

    If growing outdoors, keep in the shade. The tree is somewhat drought tolerant once established, but does thrives in well-drained soil and moderate moisture. (Let dry out between waterings – then soak down thoroughly) If leaves yellow – under watering or overwatering has taken place.

    Ficus auriculata Elephant Ear Fig Tree 20 Seeds

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