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  • Ficus hispida
    Hairy Fig

    Growing along the base of foothills in Eastern Asia is Ficus hispida, a small deciduous, tropical tree that can be found by swamp forests, rivers and streams. Long, paper like thick leaves covered in coarse hairs decorate the large branches, while small green figs hide underneath, turning yellow or red when mature. Every fig tree species has a specialized wasp that pollinates it. This wasp is totally dependent on the tree for survival.

    Fun Facts:

    1.The inner bark is used for cordage
    2.The leaves are uniquely rough like sandpaper
    3.The figs hang on long stems
    4.Grown for its ornamental value
    5.In Australia the fruit are eaten by Cassowaries and Double-eyed Fig Parrots

    Ficus hispida Rare Fig Tree -20 Seeds -Tropical Plant - Hairy Fig

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