• Flacourtia jangamas
    Indian Coffee Plum

    A small rainforest shrub with light brown to copper colored, flaky bark that accents light green leaves. Small, unimpressive, greenish white blooms are fragrant and bloom from April to May. They are followed by pink to dark red, juicy fruits that grow to about an inch in diameter. Fruit is traditionally used to make juice or marmalade.
    Fun Facts:

    1. Native to tropical Asia especially India
    2. The primary host plant of the Queensland fruit fly
    3. Young plant branches may grow thorns but loose them as it ages

    This very rare plant produces a versatile multi-purpose tree that is perfect for the plant collector. This tropical plant must be protected from frost. Seedlings will need a lot of light to grow well.   Blossoms attract pollinators, like butterflies and hummingbirds, filling the tree with all kinds of activity. This tree is highly prized by collectors worldwide and seed is hard to get so don’t wait and buy yours today!

    Flacourtia jangamas- Indian Coffee Plum Tropical Seeds