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  • Freckles Romaine Lettuce
    26 days for baby leaves – 55 days for maturity

    Bright green, speckled leaves paint an artistic brush stroke throughout the garden bed. Festive leaves will brighten any salad with a crisp tasty flavor. Bolt resistant and perfect for the home gardener as well as market sellers. Heat tolerant.

    Plant in succession for a longer harvest!
    Plant about 60 seeds per foot
    About 1000 will sow 16 feet or a 4x4 square foot bed

    Fun Facts:
    There are four lettuce type classifications: crisphead, romaine, loose and butterhead
    Several harvests can be obtained from one plant until the central stem forms
    Loose-leaf lettuces provide vitamins A and C, folate, and iron

    Vegetable Seeds- Freckles Romaine Heirloom Lettuce Garden 250 Seeds

    $4.00 Regular Price
    $3.20Sale Price
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