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  • Red Giant Mustard  
    40 Days

     You'll love the flavor of these greens! Big, 12-16 inch, broad leaf- bold colored, maroon-red leaves, are zesty with a hint of garlic. Perfect as a stand alone dish or use with mixed greens to add that special flavor. Young tender leaves of are often used in salads or mixed with other salad greens. Upright plants grow to about 1.5 feet lasting long in the garden and very heat tolerant.  Cold hardy and bolts late. Perfect for home and market gardens. Mature leaves are ideal for juicing, picking or use in Asian dishes. Work nice as a bedding plant for the annual garden as well as a nice addition to container gardens. Frost improves flavor.


    Seed can be sown outdoors in early spring or, for fall crops, 6 to 8 weeks before first fall frost. Space seedlings 1 to 2 inches apart in rows 15 inches apart.  


    Sowing instructions:
    Sow seeds, directly in soil, in very early spring for spring use and in the fall for winter use. Successive plantings 10–14 days apart insure an all season crop.   

    Vegetable Seeds-Giant Red Mustard Greens -100 Seeds- All Natural - Mildly Spicy

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