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  • Corn - Glass Beads

    110 Days
    Up to 9 Foot Stalks

    Wonderfully decorative as well as edible. Rainbow kernels of shiny glass bead shine just as brilliant! A multi purpose variety of uniform kernels perfect for fresh use in the milk stage or let dry for use as corn meal / flour and even popcorn! A very hardy, traditional Native, open pollinated heirloom corn. The color makes gardening fun for kids and kids at heart! 3-8 inch Ears stay in excellent condition for long periods. 2-3 ears per plant. Let mature, dry on the stalk, and use dry for flour and decorations.
    Every Corn Cob will be different from the other


    Glass Beads Corn 20 Seeds Non GMO Heirloom

    $5.00 Regular Price
    $4.00Sale Price
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