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Globba schomburgkii
Dancing Ladies Ginger
Orange Fairy Ginger

This tender perennial ginger will bring joy to the garden! Prized by the plant collector and gardeners alike. Forest green foliage grows to about 3 feet in dappled shade accented by drooping yellow sunshine colored blooms. Hardy to zone 8 but in colder regions the plant can be easily lifted out for winter storage during its natural dormancy period or grown in containers and protected from winter cold. Water regularly until plant goes dormant. Flowers look like tiny fairies and bloom from June – October.

Fun Facts:
1. Not to be confused with Globba bulbifera where the flowers bloom upward instead of downward
2. It is believed that the flowers keep evil spirits away

o Greenhouse
o Outdoor
o Standard Zone 8+
o Potted Deck Plant
o Ornamental Tropical

Globba schumburkii Dancing Ladies Ginger 10 Seeds

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