• Also know as Gamhar tree.
    An extraordinary plant with large, long rich green leaves and graced by beautiful yellow flowers that bloom an inch across. They hang in long cones about a foot long with single, purple bracts that shelter the blooms as they emerge. Disease tolerant as well as surviving mild droughts and heat and even mild frosts. Some seeds have been know to produce more than one plant! ! ! See Photo
    Fun Facts:

    • Gmelina Arborea Jari also know as white beach
    • Native to tropical forest in India, Burma as well as China. Has been introduced to Brazil, Honduras, the Ivory Coast and many other tropical regions
    • This wood is one of the best timbers grown in tropical regions
    • It is used to make particle board, plywood, matches, and saw timber for light construction, furniture, and packing
    • It is also good for carvings, musical instruments, as well as to make carriages
    • This deciduous tree has light gray bark with a smooth, thin, and cork-like appearance that ages to a brown and rough look
    • Flowers are many, growing on short fuzzy stalks
    • The calyx are bell-shaped with 5-teeth with the corolla a bright orange-yellow
    • Makes an excellent plant for collectors of plants for the home or greenhouse environment
    • Grown for the beautiful leaf shape and color
    • Makes an excellent specimen for Bonsai Culture

    Gmelina arborea Snapdragon Tree seeds

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