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  • Introduced to the US in 1890
    Spelt - Dinkel Seed
    Starter Pack
    105-110 Days

    Spelt is a type of ancient wheat that has been cultivated since approximately 5000 BC. It was an important staple food in Europe from the Bronze Age to medieval times.  It is currently grown mainly as a historical grain crop and has found market as a health food. Spelt is more water soluble than modern wheat varieties making it an easier to digest flour product. It also has a higher fiber content. Clean seed.

     Spelt is seeded in the fall and harvested the following summer. It will mature a bit later than wheat varieties.  Management is similar to that of wheat, but requires less nitrogen than wheat.  
       Our starter packs are intended for the home gardener that wants to try growing something different and give grain growing a try.  Many use stems in flower arrangements.
    Plant it about 1/4" deep, in well drained soil before first frost. It will take 100+ days to have nicely developed heads, harvest when seeds no longer have a milky appearance when cut open (when grain is good and dry)

    Seed can be stored for many years in a cool dry place.
    Makes excellent cover for quail and other wildlife.   

    Grain Seeds - Organic Spelt - Dinkel- 100 Seed Starter Pack

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