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Gray Zucchini

49 days. Heir loom. Great tasting, high quality gray Zucchini squash. Excellent yields, delicious, mild and very tasty. This is one of our top sellers! Heat resistant and perfect for most regions and climates. Use in sautees, grilled or fresh in salads. Pick when small fro a true gourmet flavor and look and to encourage production. Perfect variety for market gardens, raised beds, and kitchen gardens. You can't go wrong with this one!

Fun Facts:

  • Excellent squash type to try for dry farming
  • Best harvested at 5-7”
  • The fruit is medium gray with silver speckles
  • Grey zucchini is smooth and straight
  • The world squash comes from the Narragansett Indian word “askutasquash”, which means, “eaten raw or uncooked
  • There are two types of squash – summer and winter
  • Florida produces the most squash in the US
  • Just like potatoes, you can deep fry zucchini, making for a much healthier side dish than French fries

Sowing instructions:

Start indoors in a good draining potting mix indoors 6 weeks before planting outside or plant directly into the garden when warm
Germination results in12 -15 days at a soil temperature of 70-90 degrees F
Soil temperature should be at least 60-70 degrees F when planting outdoors

Early Plant Care: Harden off and set out after all danger of frost is past in a nice sunny spot. For the biggest yields place plants in raised composted beds. Water regularly. After harvest cure in the sun for several days

Growing Tips:

  • Keep plants well watered
  • Seed can be sown indoors 6 weeks before last frost date

More Plant Care:

  • Grow in a standard potting mix
  • Place in bright filtered light
  • Likes a deep, rich well fertilized soil
  • Keep moist and feed once a month
  • Transplant when large enough to plant into garden
  • Keep humid if in dry conditions by occasional misting
  • Do not allow to remain in standing water
  • Mist flowers to encourage fruiting


Gray / Grey Zucchini Heirloom Seeds NON GMO Vegetable 20 Seeds

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  • All seed descriptions are based on careful study, research and our own growing experiments. They are reproduced here, from our web site and seed company packet descriptions and are Copyright along with photos © [ Summers Seeds Garden Products] 1998-present. All rights reserved. No part of these descriptions may be reproduced, in part or in whole, without the written consent of the owner/publisher.
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