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  • Tacca chantrieri
    Green Bat Flower

    Green bracts hover over dark maroon flowers veined with purple making this an outstanding specimen. Flowers begin to bloom in early summer and rest atop 6-12 flower stems once the plant produces 3-4 lance shaped dark green leaves.

    Seedlings need a very light and porous, well drained soil for success. Keep foliage moist and keep plants in the shade. This is a long-lived, tuberous herbaceous perennial. Frost tender.

    Fun Facts:
    1. Native to the Old World Tropics and Pacific Islands
    2. Highly prized by horticultural hobbyists
    3. Grows wild in the understory of tropical rainforests
    This is a demanding plant and will require patience for germination – (1-9 months) in addition to proper care for success. Needs humidity, protection from wind, proper soil, correct watering program. Under excellent conditions the plant will reward you with a multitude of exotic blooms and will be well worth the work.

     Do some research, if needed, prior to purchase.


    Green Tacca- RARE Green Bat Flower 20 seeds

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