• Hibiscus syriacus
    Rose of Sharon

    From early summer through fall, masses of 3 inch purple – blue blossoms accent forest green foliage on an upright, vigorous, multi-stemmed shrub. Thrives in most soil types, but loves well-drained moist conditions. Grow as a standard or hedge. Hardy deciduous shrub for zones 5+

    Fun Facts:
    1. This is the national flower of South Korea
    2. Also known as Korean Rose
    3. The Korean name is Mugunghwa meaning eternity or endless abundance
    4. Grown in England by the 1600’s

    Standard Zone 5+
    Potted Deck Plant
    Ornamental Tropical

    Many of our customers grow them in pots and bring indoors when the weather turns rough.

    Hibiscus Syriacus Rose of Sharon Seeds Purple Pink

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