Hot Cherry Pepper
OP 75-80 days

A small bite size, cherry shaped pepper that is tasty and mildly hot measuring in at 3000-5000 scoville units. Perfect for pickling and preserving as well as freezing or just color up your salad. Peppers hang from strong 2 foot plants that have adapted throughout most climates during the growing season. Perfect for container gardening, small gardens and market gardens. A continual producer!

Fun Facts
• Peppers were grown extensively in Central and South America, Mexico, and the West Indies long before birth of Christ
• Columbus and other early explorers who introduced peppers to welcoming Europeans
• Peppers are a major New World contribution to the cuisine of the Old World
• By the 17th century, peppers were cultivated not only in Europe, but in much of Asia and Africa
• Even though peppers are indigenous to the Americas, they were not introduced to North America until they arrived with the early colonists!

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Hot Cherry Pepper- 10 Vegetable Seeds- NON GMO