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Chiltepin Hot Pepper
100 days From Transplant

Tiny fruits grow to 1/4 inch
Good for container growing
Super Hot - 100,000 scoville units

======= This is the only pepper native to the United States know as the "mother" of all peppers. Small super hot peppers pack a punch. 100,000 scoville units. About 1/4 inch peppers ripen from green to red as they mature. Hardy and vigorous. 8 inch plants make a good container plant. This small pepper is revered among Native American tribes of the Southwest. Can be preserved in oil or vinegar as well as sun dried for seasonings. Also known as bird pepper, chile tepin, chiltepe, and tepin. A protected plant in some National Parks. AN Historic heirloom.


Pepper Seeds -Hot Chiltepin Pepper -10 Seeds- Wild Chile -Super Hot Spicy Flavor

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