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  • Hovenia dulcis
    Oriental raisin tree

     A perfect ornamental with a multitude of uses including bonsai, container growing and as a tropical. Beautiful glossy green leaves are deciduous and drop in the fall while green. White-green flowers burst forth in the spring with a sweet fragrance followed by small brown drupes that ripen to bright red and taste like raisins. The bark is ridged with valleys of brown making it look aged and perfect for bonsai culture. Likes sun to part shade.

    Fun Facts:

    • This tree is also found in the Himalyans
    • An extract of the seeds and young leaves is used as a honey substitute and used to make candy
    • The wood is hard and fine and used to make quality furniture
    • Japanese Raisin tree can reach 40 to 50 feet in height but is most often seen at 30 to 35 feet
    • Leaves drop while green in fall without changing color

    Tropical Seeds -Japanese Raisin Tree- 20 Seeds-Hovenia

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