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  • Iceberg Lettuce Heirloom
    85 Days

    Flavorful crisp firm leaves grow in compact, medium-sized heads. Lightly green fringed and heavily ruffled outer leaves with a silvery white interior makes the perfect salad Grows best in cool weather. This is the classic crisphead lettuce. Ready to harvest 85 days after sowing seeds. Sow seed no more than 1/8" deep. Successive plantings will extend the season.

    Plant about 20 seeds per foot - thin as necessary

    Fun Facts:

    1. Introduced in 1894, it defined a whole new class of lettuce
    2. Seed need light to germinate

    Per Cup Shredded
    Vitamin A53%
    Vitamin C5%
    Vitamin D0%
    Vitamin B-60%
    Vitamin B-120%

    They can be used fresh in salads or wedges

    Sowing instructions:
    Sow seed directly in late spring after weather has warmed and soil is workable.

    Iceberg Lettuce Heirloom All Natural Seeds

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