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  • Iroquois Cantaloupe Heirloom!
    75-90 Days

    An early maturing cantaloupe popular in home gardens and market gardens. Really thick salmon -orange flesh gets sweeter in hot, dry conditions. The aromatic melons weigh in at 5-7 pounds with a small seed cavity. In addition to being an all time favorite it's distinctive sweet flavor makes this melon one of the very best! Large fruits are deeply ribbed and netted. Harvest in 75-90 days. Holds up well for transport.

    Fun Facts:
    1. Cantaloupe plants have been cultivated since 2400 BC possibly originating in Egypt
    2. Chinese royalty enjoyed eating the seeds around 200 BC
    3. Pepo was a common term used for cantaloupe in the 1300's on
    4. Columbus took melon seeds to Haiti
    5. A cantaloupe consists of 95% water
    6. Bred by Dr. Henry Munger of Cornell University in 1944
    7. Fusarium wilt resistant

    Fresh- Salads

    Iroquois Cantaloupe Sweet Heirloom seeds

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