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Kentucky Wonder Bush Bean
A popular favorite! 65 Days
Exceptional flavor and heavy yields of 6-8" green beans are the hallmark of this exceptional bean. Pods are thick, gently curved, tender and tasty plus they're stringless when young. Introduced as Commodore bush bean.
Proven the best for productivity, gourmet flavor and wide adaptability. Delicious fresh, frozen or dried for shell beans. Perfect for the home garden as well as the market garden.


Fresh, canned or frozen

Fun Facts:
1. For best flavor and crispness, steam the beans rather than boil
2. For best flavor harvest beans at 4” to 7”
3. Excellent storage capability
4. Beans have been cultivated for thousands of years
5. Kentucky Wonder was introduced in 1877
6. All American Select Winner for 1938

Kentucky Wonder Bush Bean Seeds 100 Seed Garden Pack= Commodore- Limited Supply

$6.00 Regular Price
$4.80Sale Price
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