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  • Pepper Keystone Resistant Giant (Sweet)

    Keystone Resistant Giant is a sweet and juicy “California Wonder” type bell pepper with thick walls that start out green and turn to a brilliant, beautiful red. Produces excellent yields of 4 1/2” long by 3 1/2” wide fruit perfect for stuffing, sauces, stir fry – you name it! A good choice for red or green peppers and grows well under a variety of adverse weather conditions. Thick stems are break resistant under heavy loads of peppers.

    Tobacco Mosaic Virus resistant. 78 days until harvest. Perfect for home gardens as well as market gardens. Grown and harvested naturally with care.
    Pickled, dryed, fresh and frozen

    Pepper Seeds -Keystone Resistant Giant 20 Seed Pack

    $4.00 Regular Price
    $3.20Sale Price