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Kigelia africana pinnata
Saugage Tree

One of the most unique tropical trees in the world today! Bright green foliage is accented by maroon to red flowers that opens at night, attracting night time pollinators. Flowers will stay open during the day once it opens.

If grown outdoors, the tree can get quite large and the fruit can grow as long as 2 feet and become very heavy up to 15 pounds. The bark is gray and very smooth and begins to peel as it ages.

The tree is truly a tropical and will not tolerate any freezing temperatures. Grow as a container plant or deck plant in regions where there is cold. Perfect for plant collectors and those who desire the unusual.

Fun Facts:

1. Flowers open only at night but will remain open in the day
2. “kigelia” is derived from Mozambican name for Sausage Tree “kigeli-keia”
3. Kigelia is a genus with only one species

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