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  • Kwintus Bush Bean / Formerly Early Riser
    Flat Italian Style Green Bean
    A popular favorite! 55-60 Days

    A classic Italian type, Romano flat bean which has a distinctive, full buttery flavor that lasts a lot longer even as they age on the vine, more so than others. Perfect for short growing seasons with high yields. Pole type plants are loaded with long, 8-10” stringless, flat-podded, tender, green beans right up to frost. This bean is featured in many gourmet recipes.
    Vigorous vines grow to about 6-9 Feet. They can be grown almost anywhere because of their short growing season. Formerly called Early Riser. Perfect for the home garden and market gardens alike. Grows well in the greenhouse.

    A nice 3 sisters option! Keep from other beans to avoid crossing. (about 25 feet)

    Beans are very easy to grow and manage. Excellent for early planting, matures in 60 days. This group of beans is a favorite for the home garden and can be grown just about anywhere because they have a relatively short growing season. Excellent for the freezer.

    Beans Seeds -Kwintus Pole Bean -Early Riser 25 Seeds

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