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  • Macadamia nut
    Macadamia integrifolia

    This is the tree that produces the highly sought after nut. A medium sized evergreen that makes a most unique plant to grow in pots on the deck or as a houseplant as well as an outdoor standard in subtropical and tropical climates. The rough, brown bark and shallow root structure, make them a perfect bonsai specimen. White flower spikes droop from the long green leaves, followed by the famous nut. The trees should be protected from frost.

    Fun Facts:

    • Macadamia s a genus of four species of trees indigenous of Australia
    • The fruit is hard and woody and may contain 2 seeds
    • In 1857 John Macadam was honored with the use of his name for the description of this genus by the German–Australian botanist Ferdinand von Mueller
    • The round nut can be eaten raw but is frequently roasted in oil and salted
    • William Purvis introduced the first macadamias into Hawaii in 1881
    • Although usually thought of as being native to Hawaii, the macadamia tree is native to Australia
    • The nut was first noticed in 1828 by the European botanist Allan Cunningham followed by commercial trade round the 1860's
    • The trees were introduced to Hawaii as a windbreak in 1881 but commercial production did not begin until 1925
    • Flower color ranges from white to cream in and cream to beige
    • Frost danger is at 27 degrees F 

    Macadamia integrifolia Macadamia Nut Tree seeds

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