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  • Manihot esculenta
    Tapioca Plant
    Beautiful star shaped blossoms grace forest green foliage. Perfect as a tropical container plant, standard in zones 9+ (protected from frost), deck plant or greenhouse specimen but are intolerant of frost and will die to the ground at the first fall/winter freeze, sprouting again in spring. Plants  will need  8 months of frost-free weather in order to produce roots worthy of harvest. Where not winter hardy, this plant may be grown as an annual or in containers that are overwintered in a warm area   Does well in full sun - part shade. 


     Although a tropical plant, it has been grown as an annual root crop in tropical areas around the world for harvest of its tuberous roots from which cassava, tapioca, starch and other food products are obtained. Roots are toxic unless processed properly. Research as needed. This particular seed should be grown as an ornamental.  

    Manihot esculenta - Cassava - Tapioca- Rare Tropical 5 Seeds

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