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  • Marketmore Cucumber

    Developed in the 1970's as a slicing type cucumber. This disease resistant variety has become a standard among growers! Vigorous vines produce heavy yields of slender green cucumbers with firm white flesh that grow to about 8-9" long

    CMV, DM, PM, Sc
    Uses - Fresh, Pickled, salads

    Fun Facts:

    • Since it has been introduced it has set the standard for non-hybrid slicing cucumbers
    • Resistant to powdery mildew cucumber mosaic virus, scab and downey mildew
    • A perfect variety for any garden
    • Cucumbers are native to Africa and Asia
    • Cultivated in India as long ago as 3000 years
    • Marketmore is a non hybrid variety, originally an East Indian crop, but spread to other parts of Asia and Europe long ago
    • Cucumbers were cultivated in India as long ago as 3000 years

    Marketmore Cucumber Garden Seeds Heirloom Non GMO - 30 Seeds

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