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  • Moringa oleifera  PKM 2 Hybrid
    Horseradish Tree
    Drumstick Tree

    A fast growing tree that can produce blooms after just eight months! Blossoms are creamy white and are considered a delicacy in many parts of the world. The tree can produce leaves even when water is scarce allowing it to thrive in many different climates. Slender drooping branches are adorned with pale-green soft foliage. The bark is gray brown and makes this tree a perfect specimen for Bonsai, container growing as well as a tropical houseplant.

    This moringa is a hybrid variety derived from Moringa oleifera and it is grown for its heavy biomass and tender leaves. Features include wide and dark green leaves, long and tender pods with a bushy habit and rapid growth after cropping giving this plant the largest yields in the shortest period.

    -- Pods are green, fleshy and non-bitter
    -- Pods are non-fibrous and soft even in late harvest
    -- Ensures long shelf life of fruits
    -- High immunity against diseases and pests
    -- More tolerant of drought and environmental changes
    -- Pest resistant
    PKM 2 is an improvement over PKM-1 PKM-2 has more lateral branching which is good for more leaf production and a seedpod with more flesh than seeds.

    PKM 2 produces long pods of about that are fleshy with good cooking quality. Upon cooking, the flesh turns soft and delicious with less fiber

    The pod size and high yield potential are the most desirable traits of this improved annual moringa.

    Fun Facts:
    1. Blooms contain both calcium and potassium
    2. This tree is native to the area surrounding the Himalayas in India
    3. Oil derived from the seeds was used as food by the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egypt

    A terrific conversation piece!

    Tropical Seeds -Moringa oleifera PKM2 10 Seeds- Horseradish Tree

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