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  • An ornamental species of flowering banana which happens to be one of the most tolerant of cold of all banana plants. This favorite among plant collectors will grow only 3-6 feet tall on an upright trunk graced with lush leaves that can grow to about 2 feet. Flowers of red to maroon bloom followed by a blue-green fruit. This is the ancestor of the modern cultivated banana. Fruit is really not edible because of the many seeds inside. Can grow to about 15 feet as a standard and smaller if grown in containers.

    As the plant grows older they might produce up to 3 flowers that could last up to 6 months and if lucky small edible fruit may follow. Grows in most soil, protect from winds. Survives cold climates but will die back to the roots which should be protected with a covering or mulch.

    Fun Facts

    1. Native to South Asia
    2. A perfect specimen plant for indoor growing
    3. There are over 100 varieties of banana plants
    4. Grow outside in zones 9 or above but protect with mulch in colder regions
    5. Banana plants usually flower after one year of growing
    6.This is a fast growing evergreen tree
    7. Makes an excellent plant for collectors of plants for the home or greenhouse environment
    7. Grown for the beautiful leaf shape and color
    8. It is believed that banana plants have been in cultivation for over 7000 years
    9. Banana trees are really not a tree at all but a perennial herb

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