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  • A cold hardy banana from Darjeeling and the Sikkim Himalayan region of northern India where it is found at altitudes of up to 7000 feet. This vigorous grower has a beautiful purple underside to the leaves and a maroon variegation tot he top. It does produce fruit of about 5-6 inches but will contain numerous seeds. Keep seeds warm and lightly moist. The plant requires bright light and high humidity. Fertilize lightly with each watering. This makes a perfect deck plant and is really an absolute novelty as an ornamental for the cooler tropical garden.

    Fun Facts:

    • A rare and little known large banana species that has only recently been introduced to modern cultivation
    • The Darjeeling Banana is very cold hardy and has been known to survive outdoors to zone 6
    • This banana Is known to grows well outdoors in the US, Britain, Germany and Switzerland

    Musa sikkimensis Red Tiger Banana Tree- 10 Seeds

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