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  • Musa velutina
    Pink Velvet Banana 

    A small banana plant perfect for use in the landscape and mostly grown for their ornamental appeal. Narrow trunks grow to about 5 feet, if grown as a specimen plant outdoors, and about 3-4 feet as a potted plant. Long green leaves are graced by pink flowers with purple bracts followed by pink to purple fruit. A perfect tropical option! 

    Fun Facts:
    1. There are over 100 varieties of banana plants
    2. Grow outside in zones 9 or above
    3. Banana plants usually flower after one year of growing
    4. Flowers are usually huge compared to the plant
    5. Banana fruit ripens from top to bottom

    Note: Banana seeds are known to require patience for germination - often times up to 6 months but the wait is worth it.

    Pink Flowering Banana -10 Tropical Seeds-Musa Velutina

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