• This cucumber was developed with the home gardener in mind and has become the most popular home and garden type. Solid and crispy fruits are harvested for their canning quality for both sweet and dill pickles. Fruits average 6-7 inches with blocky ends and pack up perfect in canning jars. Can be harvested early for smaller pickles. Heavy yields over long period of time.

    Fresh in salads

    Planting Depth - 1/4"
    Seed Spacing - Sow indoors and plant outside 18" apart
    Days to Germinate - 6-12
    Row Spacing - 12"
    Days to Maturity -75-85 days

    Sowing instructions: Sow indoors in flats or small pots and keep warm. Transplant in early spring in a well prepared seed bed. Water well before germination then water as needed. Optimum soil temperature is 55-75 degrees F.

    Plant Care: For the biggest yields place plants in raised composted beds. Water regularly.
    Harden off- and set out after all danger of frost is past in a nice sunny spot. For the biggest yields place plants in raised composted beds. Water regularly. After harvest cure in the sun for several days

    Growing Tips:
    Keep plants well watered
    Seed can be sown indoors 6 weeks before last frost date

    Plant Care:

    • Grow in a standard potting mix
    • Place in bright filtered light
    • Likes a deep, rich well fertilized soil
    • Keep moist and feed once a month
    • Transplant when large enough to handle into pots
    • Keep humid if in dry conditions by occasional misting
    • Do not allow to remain in standing water

    Fun Facts:

    • Introduced in 1924
    • Resistant to powdery mildew
    • A perfect variety for any garden
    • Cucumbers are native to Africa and Asia
    • Cultivated in India as long ago as 3000 years

    National Pickling Cucumber Seeds Non Treated

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