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  • Nymphaea 
    Hairy White Water Lily

    An aquatic plant grown for the beautiful star shaped lily flowers perfect for ponds, water features and the garden. Undulating, rounded, green leaves float on the surface making way for the emergence of snow white petals in the shape of a brilliant star. Perfect for water features, aquariums, water bowls, small water pots on the deck. Needs sun.

    Fun Facts:

    1. Flowers are self fertile
    2. Also grown in aquariums
    3. Throughout history this plant is known to represent virtue, discipline and purity
    4. Known as "hairy" for the fuzzy undersides of the leaves as well as the stems

    Water Bowls
    Water Features
    Water Garden Deck Plant

    Sowing instructions:
    · Start indoors
    · Sow seed on top of standard potting mix mixed with a little sand
    · Cover lightly with soil and plunge the pot into shallow water in a container or bucket / or directly into the water feature in spring
    · keep warm and sunny
    · Germination should result by 4-5 weeks and maybe a little longer depending on the conditions you have provided
    · Seedlings look like fine grass at first
    · Once the first 2 or 3 floating leaves develop individual plants ca be pulled out and planted into individual containers and placed back in water at desired location
    · After germination occurs keep warm and humid if in dry conditions by occasional misting

    20 SEEDS- White Hairy Water Lily Flower-Perfect for Water Features

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