• Ochroma lagopus
    Pillow tree

    Look no further for the perfect conversation plant. A fast grower that makes the wood very light weight also know as balsa wood. Snow white flowers look spectacular against the backdrop of gray bark. These large flowers burst forth in the late afternoon and will close by nest morning. The flowers contain a pool of nectar that attracts many different pollinators. Fruit follows with long cones of silk-like wool that is used in to make expensive pillows. Large, drooping, elephant ear-shaped leaves provide the perfect background to the snow white flowers. 

    Fun Facts:
    1. Also known as Balsa wood and is actually less dense than cork
    2. Flowers are generally pollinated at night by nocturnal species 
    3. Most balsa wood is produced in Ecuador
    4. Balsa is classified as a hardwood species even though the wood s soft
    5. The word Balsa originated from the Spanish word for raft

    Ochroma lagopus Pillow Tree Seeds Balsa Wood

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