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  • Einkorn Ancient Heirloom Wheat
    Triticum monococcum
    Starter Pack
    This is a short variety of wild wheat and the first type wheat to be cultivated over 10,000 years ago. It's has a much higher protein level than modern wheat. Produces one grain per hull which is what the German word "Einkorn" means.  Very simillar to Emmer wheat and is usually spring sown.  Because of its wild genetic ancestry it will produce lower yields than modern wheat but is much more nutritious and easier to digest with great flavor. Stalks grow to about 28" making it perfect for container growing. 
    Plant it about 1/4" deep, in well drained soil after the last frost. It will take 120 days to have nicely developed heads, harvest when seeds no longer have a milky appearance when cut open (when grain is good and dry)

    Einkorn is a “hulled” wheat. The hull can protect the grain from stray chemical contamination and insects making it an easier grain to grow grain especially for organic growers. 

     Einkorn wheat is more commonly grown in cooler climates than emmer wheat types.  Einkorn wheat is low-yielding but can survive on poor, dry, marginal soils where other varieties of wheat will not. 

    Seed can be stored for many years in a cool dry place.
    Makes excellent cover for quail and other wildlife.   
     We thank you for your support of rare and naturally grown seeds!

    Organic Einkorn Seeds Ancient Heirloom Wheat -Cereal & flour Grain

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