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  • Cymbopogon flexuosus 
    Lemon Grass 

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       Luxuriant foliage and brilliant green leaves make this the perfect ornamental plant for container growing, perennial beds and around pools and water features.  Leaves have a lemon scent especially when crushed and provide an essential oil for many uses. This is a clumping grass form that grows as a perennial in zones 8+ and annual for colder regions. Many grow a s a container plant and protect from winter cold. The strong lemon scent has been known to repel mosquitos. Grow as  an ornamental grass in containers, along pathways and borders and general garden planting. 

    Care and Cultivation of Cymbopogon  
    Likes a well drained soil, is fast growing and hardy. Grow in full sun  and keep watered until established. Plants like to dry out then flood watered to bring soil moisture back up. Trim off flower heads to encourage more leaf growth.  Move indoors for winter. Start indoors and transplant once leaves reach 6 Inches.

    Ornamental Grass Seeds-Cymbopogon flexuosus-100 Seeds-Lemon Grass

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