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  • Oroxylum indicumBroken Bones PlantIndian Trumpet Flower


    It is said that those who stumble upon this plant at night become startled because the drooping pods look like the wings of a resting vulture! Large leaf stalks wither and fall off the tree and collect near the base of the trunk, appearing to look like a pile of broken limb bones giving it one of its common names. This is a night blooming tree from India with glossy green leaves accented by tall spikes of flower clusters that bloom in a brilliant purple-red color. Must be grown as a container plant or tropical unless in zone 10 or above. Resilient and vigorous this tree grows fairly fast and makes this the perfect specimen for almost any hobby growing or as standards.

    Fun Facts

    • The bark is used as a tanning agent
    • Even thought this is a tropical it can stand brief moment of 32 degrees F or 0 C
    • The plant is traditionally raised as a an ornamental and has virtually been wiped out for use in the pharmaceutical industry.

    Tropical Seeds -Indian Trumpet Tree 20 Heirloom Seeds Broken Bones Tree Oroxylum

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