• Pachyrhizus erosus
    Jicama 120 Days

    Jicama vines can reach 12 – 20 feet producing an abundance of bright green leaves and blue to white flowers that peek out from underneath. The root is used much like a potato. This is a tropical vine and for the very best results will need around 9 months of frost free weather to produce the best tubers. Makes a great ground cover or trellis plant.

    Creamy white roots are starchy, with a sweet flavor. Uses: Soups, raw like apple slices, and stir fry. Pair with lemons or limes, chili powder, cilantro and onions for a beautiful salsa.

    Can be stored dry at 53-60 degrees F for 1-2 months

    Fun Facts:
    1. Jicama is in the bean family
    2. The heaviest tuber on record is 50 lbs or 23kg
    3. Jicama is now found in all parts of the world

    Pachyrhizus erosus Jicama 5 Seeds