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  • Pheonix roebelinii
    Baby date palm

    We love this small feathery palm native to southeast Asia for its traditional tropical houseplant beauty. The slender trunk and feathery leaves as well as its compact size make them wonderful planter palms for indoors or on the deck during the warmer months and even unique bonsai plants. Hardy to about 24 degrees without much leaf damage. Plants like a lot of water and fertilizer during the hot months and if you give the palms a little extra nitrogen during the growing season it will keep them looking their best. If planting them out, choose a site that is well protected, either next to a wall, building or house south side preferred or under a large tree.

    Fun Facts:

    • The palm is a perfect candidate for greenhouse growing
    • Also known as pygmy palm or dwarf date palm
    • It was named after a 19th century botanist from plants collected in Laos
    • Fifty years ago it was thought that this species never got above six feet but some specimens can be found at around 10 feet
    • The palm is a dioeciously palm meaning that any given Pygmy Palm is either a male or female

    Tropical Seeds -Miniature Date Palm -10 Seeds- Compact- Phoenix roebelinii

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