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  • Pheonix rupicola
    Cliff date palm
    A small feathery palm grown for its traditional tropical  beauty. The slender trunk and feathery leaves as well as its compact size make them a wonderful planter palm for tropical container gardens as well as the deck during the warmer months. Hardy to about 24 degrees without much leaf damage. Plants like a lot of water and fertilizer during the hot months and if you give the palms a little extra nitrogen during the growing season it will keep them looking their best. If planting them out, choose a site that is well protected, either next to a wall, building or house south side preferred or under a large tree. This particular palm thrives in poor, rocky soil and cliff type environments.  When leaves are shed the trunk remains smooth and ringed giving it a much neater appearance than other plams that leave old leaf bases behind.  Flowers are small, creamy yellow, and grow in large clusters with  male and female on separate trees. OPurple - red fruits follow the flowers and grow to about 3/4" and has a thin layer of edible flesh. Flowering: April-May.

    Tropical Palm Seeds- Cliff Date Palm -10 Seeds -Good Container -Phoenix rupicola

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