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Tomato Brandywine Pink
80 Days
Heirloom 1885

Well formed bright pink, juicy fruits have a rich, old-fashioned flavor. Perfect as a slicer and works well diced in salads.

Fruit size: 16 oz
Matures: 80 days
Plant spacing: 36 inches apart
Plant size: 4 feet tall
Plant type: Indeterminate

Fun Facts

1. Named after Brandeywine Creek in Chester County PA in 1885
2. There is some dispute about the exact origin of the tomato
3. It is suggested by Johnson and Stokes Seed Annual in 1888 that "Tomato No. 45" was named by friend, Thomas Brinton, who called it "magnificient" and wrothy of the name Brandywine after the "most beautiful of all streams which flows near our Quaker Village."
4. May have potato shaped leaves and sometimes not
5. It is believed that the tomato originates in the western portions of South America
6. Varieties of wild tomatoes are still found in Peru
7. Aztecs of Central America called it "xitomatl"
8. In 1692 a cookbook was published in Naples and mentions the Tomato

Pink Brandywine Tomato Seeds

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