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  • Pistacia chinensis

    A small ornamental tree perfect as a multi use specimen tree, bonsai or container plant. Long forest green leaves turn brilliant red, yellow and orange for fall. Not to be confused with the edible nut tree, this tree offers a lot. Drought tolerant, grows I harsh climates and rocky soils. A popular choice for a lawn, shade or patio tree.

    Fun Facts:

    1.Foliage is aromatic when bruised
    2.Gray to brown bark peels to reveal salmon inner bark
    3.Plants are naturalized in small areas of California, Texas, Alabama and Georgia
    4.Flowers from April to June
    5.Not self fertile
    6.The earliest records of pistachio in English are from the1400’s with the spellings "pistace" and "pistacia"
    7.The word pistachio comes from medieval Italian pistachio
    8.Archaeology shows that pistachio seeds were a common food as early as 6750 BC
    9.The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were said to have contained pistachio trees about 700 BC

    Heirloom Tree Seeds - Ornamental Pistachio- 20 Seeds - -Pistacia chinensis

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