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  • Pithecellobium dulce
    Manila Tamarind
    Jungle Jalebi
    Madras Thorn

    Serving as a host plant for the Red-Bordered Pixie and Three-Spot grass yellow butterflies, this drought resistant tree features brown, white streaked bark and fragrant, green-white flowers that produce spiraled pinkish-red pods that twist among the branches.  In fact, its Aztec name is cuauhmôchit, which translates to 'popcorn'! This species requires full sun, and is suitable for xeriscaping. Makes a really nice Bonsai project!

    Fun Facts:

    •  Native to the Pacific Coast
    • Pulp is also used as a base for agua de huamuche
    • Songbirds love the tree, especially the seed pods dispersing the seed
    • Bark is high in tannin

    Pithecellobium dulce Seeds Manila Tamarind

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