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  • Poona Kheera Cucumber
    Heirloom 55 Days

    This most unique cucumber produces an abundance of fat cucumbers that look like a russet potato. Smooth skinned fruits turn from white to brown but can be eaten at anytime. can grow up to 15 inches long and are the color of rusty red. This fruit is often used in stir fry recipes. Tender, crisp, and delicious. Hardy vines produce an early crop with good yields. The plant is similar to that of a regular cucumber and a vigorous grower perfect for fences and trellis gardening. Pick fruits before frost for storage.

    =====Seed is a live perishable product =All sales are Final

    Poona Kheera Cucumber- 10 seeds - Rare Vegetable Heirloom

    $5.00 Regular Price
    $4.00Sale Price
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