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  • Pepperbox Poppy

    This old fashioned heirloom is a very hardy annual wildflower that blossoms into a nice array of soft pastel, colors. Tolerant of mild drought and poor soil, grows to about 2-3 feet. Multi colored blossoms adorn bright green leaves and can bloom year round in frost free zones. Will reseed in areas with colder climates. This variety has multiple rewards: Stunning flowers, seeds that can be used in baking, and lovely stemmed pods for flower arrangements and decorating.
    Dazzle your garden with these beauties!

    A mass planting of this flower will be unforgettable with butterflies and hummingbirds fluttering from flower to flower. The perfect addition to any sunny meadow or garden.

    So don’t wait and buy yours today!

    Poppy Pepperbox Premium Seeds Annual Perennial

    $4.00 Regular Price
    $3.20Sale Price
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