Prosopis cineraria Shami Khari 5 Rare seeds Bonsai

Prosopis cineraria

A perfect multi purpose, small to medium tree grown for its ornamental value. Evergreen foliage is light green with small mimosa like leaves accented by blooms, here and there, of white to mild yellow that hang in slender spikes from March - May. Normally found in dry arid regions if India and Western Asia. Makes a great ornamental or bonsai work of art.

This tropical beauty is a vigorous, fast growing plant perfect for the deck as well as greenhouse. Growing height will depend on culture, with potted plants remaining much smaller. A truly unique ornamental especially for plant collectors and bonsai artists.

This is a tropical plant, well worth the effort of growing, and does very well in containers. Cannot tolerate frost and must be brought or kept indoors or in a protected area. Will be able to remain in a container for up to 5 years, or more, before transplanting. Needs good drainage.

Outdoor Standard Zone 9+
Potted Deck Plant
Ornamental Tropical

Many of our customers grow them in pots and bring indoors when the weather turns rough.

Buyers should do their own research for plant uses.
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