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  • Purple Plum Radish
    NON Gmo
    30-40 Days  
    This heirloom tastes as good as it looks. Beautiful purple and white interior add a delicious, crisp taste and attractive color to any salad. Perfect addition to any sandwich! Perfect raw or cooked - used in many Asian dishes. Plant in early spring and plant in Fall for winter. Crunchy, crisp and brilliant white interior.


    Mild and sweet flavor.

    Perfect for home gardeners and makes a beautiful display for market growers!

    Excellent for pickling or storage
    Stays crisp and mild all winter
    Tolerates light frosts
    Fun Facts

    Radishes are a great source of vitamin C
    In Holland, Cherry Belle is traditionally grown indoors or on soils high in organic matter
    The radish was domesticated in Europe in pre- Roman times
    The common name "radish" is derived from Latin radix (root)

    Purple Plum Radish-100 Seeds -All Natural- Spicy and sweet Flavor- Heirloo

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